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Renault KANGOO Z.E


The design of Kangoo Z.E. is different to that of Kangoo. Show your environmental commitment by driving an electric van!

100% LCV

Built in France on the same lines as the Kangoo, Kangoo Z.E. is a partner tailored to your business needs.

100% electric

Kangoo Z.E. delivers all the benefits of electric mobility. First, enjoy the silence. The silence of an all-electric motor delivering strong acceleration.

Charging your KANGOO Z.E.

The different charging solutions

Charging your Kangoo Z.E. takes between six and nine hours (depending on the power available) from the wall-mounted home charging box set up by an approved ZE Ready* installer. The wall-box offers:

  • Optimised charging time with charging power of 3kW or more if your home electrical system permits.
  • Management of charging costs since you can schedule battery charging to take advantage of the lowest rates (available with the My Z.E. service). Interactive.
  • Simply plug in the charging cable supplied as standard with your vehicle. This cable can also be plugged into standard public charging stations.

* Z.E. Ready is a trademark registered by Renault for the installation of equipment to charge electric vehicles in the Z.E. range. To have the right to use the Z.E. Ready trademark, Renault's partners must commit to a list of technical specifications and the Z.E. Ready qualification process. They must also have conducted compliance tests. The current version is Z.E. Ready 1.2. For more information on standards, the list of approved partners and details of the qualification process, see

The charging flap

The flap for charging your Kangoo Z.E is under the logo on the grille.

Public charging points

A standard charging station, on the street or in a car park for example, will take between six and nine hours (depending on the power available) to fully charge your Kangoo Z.E.

The charging cable for occasional use

Are you on a business trip without a home charging point within easy reach? You can use this (optional) charging cable to charge your Kangoo Z.E. occasionally from a conventional socket, which must be earthed and protected by a circuit breaker. In this case, charging takes between 11 and 12 hours.